We publish short stories, screenplays, and poetry.

Our next submission period runs from January 1st to July 31st, for publication in December. Submission fee is $5 -- all money goes to covering costs and paying writers.

The genre doesn't matter, only the quality of the piece. We pay $20 per short story, poem, and screenplay, and the best piece of writing gets paid an additional $80, for a total of $100!

If you are feeling generous, please donate to our PayPal, or become a member of our Patreon. The money you give us to goes to covering costs and paying writers!


Short Stories (300 word minimum, 30 page maximum)
Screenplays (15 page maximum)
Poetry (1 minimum, 10 maximum)

Click the button below to submit your story through Submittable!

If you have something more long-form, like a novel or novella, please go visit our parent company, Park Road Publishing, and submit your work there. Those submissions are free, and always will be.